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Truck finance for new business

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Truck finance for new business startups

Truck driver can get finance for their new truck business!

Are you a truck driver? Chances are that you are working for a trucking company. If your trucking company does not treat you well and pay you enough maybe you would be better as a self employed truck driver. As a self-employed truck driver you could be making your own decisions about when and where you work and which jobs you accept and at what rate. But maybe you don’t own a truck, so how can you run your own trucking business without out a truck? Well you probably can’t run a trucking business without a truck but Oak Laurel can help you to finance a truck so that you can start your own trucking business!

Maybe you thought that you needed to have a proven trucking business with complete financial records before the banks and lenders would give you a truck loan! Well that is not always the case! Oak Laurel finance brokers can often arrange funding for new truck businesses that do not have any financial records.

Oak Laurel finance brokers get the tough loans approved! When you have been told NO by the banks we can often get you a yes from one of our specialist lenders who are more understanding and flexible that the traditional banks and lenders that you are used to dealing with.

Do you have bad credit? Oak Laurel can often still arrange a bad credit truck loan for you! The cost of a bad credit truck loan may be a little more than  if you have a clean credit file but if it gets you the funding you need to get you business going or keep your business then it may be worth a little extra cost until your credit file cleans up again!

Whatever your situation contact Oak Laurel to see what we can do for you!


Truck finance

Find out what you need to know about getting truck finance for your new trucking business. It is easier than you think! Contact Oak Laurel today!


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The post Truck finance for new business appeared first on Oak Laurel.

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