Commercial loans

Commercial loans

A commercial loan is available for a wide range of commercial and business purposes.

An Oak Laurel commercial finance specialist can offer you access to commercial and business loans that meet your requirements, including situations that don’t meet normal bank’s and lender’s requirements.

We can assist you with competitive interest rates on the full range of commercial loans including mainstream lending, low doc commercial loans and non-conforming commercial loans.

Wide range of acceptable securities, including property developments, unfinished buildings, commercial properties such hotels, motels, caravan parks, child care, retirement villages, petrol stations and much, much more.

Wide range of loan to value ratios acceptable.

Access to set and forget commercial loans without annual reviews and longer loan terms.

Access to mezzanine and private equity funding.

Flexible servicing criteria.

Loan to value ratios based on valuation not purchase price.

Oak Laurel has commercial finance brokers that specialise in the following types of commercial finance.

Commercial property finance
Finance the purchase of a commercial property. Oak Laurel has lenders with a wide range of terms and conditions including lenders that are flexible with longer loan terms, no annual reviews and other favorable features. See what commercial real estate loans are available for you.

Property development loan
Oak Laurel can assist you to arrange funding for property development projects including short term funding, first mortgages, mezzanine funding and private equity, even joint venture funding for the right projects. All types of projects are considered from small construction projects to large scale developments including land, residential, commercial, industrial and mixed use developments.

Plant and equipment finance
Do you need plant and equipment finance? Oak Laurel can assist you to fund a wide range of plant or equipment including: motor vehicles; trucks and transporting vehicles; earth moving equipment; agricultural equipment; manufacturing equipment; office equipment; and much more.

Low doc business loans
If you have not completed all of your latest tax returns, financial records or proof of consistent income you may want to apply for a low doc business loan. With a low doc business loan you will not need to provide all of the proof of income documentation required for a normal business loan.

Start up business loans
When you are just staring your new business this can be when you need finance the most but most banks and lenders are wary about lending to new and unproven businesses. Oak Laurel can help you get finance for your startup business.

Franchise loans
A franchise business can be a turn key opportunity to start a business. Franchises often have established processes and predictable profit margins. However, it can be difficult to raise enough capital in invest in a franchise business with all of your own finds. However, Oak Laurel can assist you to obtain finance for franchises.

Non-conforming business loans
Has your bank or lender told you that you don't meet their criteria even though you are in a strong financial position? You may need a non-conforming business loan from a specialist lender.

Short term commercial loans
Get short term business finance for any worthwhile purpose. Fast approval time for loans for 1 to 12 months or longer. Residential, commercial, industrial and other securities acceptable on a case by case basis.

Agricultural loans
Finance for farmers and agribusiness owners. Farming has its own unique challenges and can have seasonal variability. Get assistance from farm finance brokers that understand your agribusiness finance needs.

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