Mortgage brokers Sydney

Mortgage brokers Sydney

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers in Sydney offer a tailored mortgage solutions to people and companies that are looking for finance. Finding the right finance can be difficult, confusing and time consuming.

Instead of going around to all the different banks and lender then checking all of their loan types, rates, fees and features trying to compare which loan is going to meet your needs, we can do it all for you!

We can help all types of people to arrange all types of finance. For example Oak Laurel's mortgage brokers in Sydney can assist:

first home buyers to compare and obtain a competitive mortgage
people refinancing and or topping up their mortgage
property investors financing the purchase of properties in their portfolio
finance for people building their own home
finance for people with unusual income or employment
home loans for temporary visa holders
investment property loans for property investors
investment property loans for non-residents
no lenders mortgage insurance on home loans and investment loans up to 90% or more for highly paid professionals
commercial loans for the purchase of commercial property
obtaining finance for business purposes
property developers undertaking small, medium or large projects; and
much more!

If you need a pre-approval on a home loan or investment loan so you can shop for your next property purchase and make offers and bid with confidence just ask us!

We also have specialist in getting different types of properties financed. Our Sydney based finance brokers can assist you to finance commercial properties, rural and agricultural properties, development sites and developments. We can even arrange finance for unfinished buildings under the right circumstances.

Ask our Sydney based mortgage brokers about what they can do for you.