Agribusiness loans: loans to meet your farming needs

Agribusiness loans: loans to meet your farming needs

Farming or agribusiness has unique challenges. The nature of farming being influenced by the environment and other factors can mean that  means that cash flows and capital requirements can be highly variable and often do not coincide.

Do you need an agricultural loan / farm finance?

Oak Laurel mortgage broker can assist you with your agricultural loan / farm finance needs.
Agribusiness owners can often benefit from using a range of tailored rural finance products. Oak Laurel mortgage brokers can assist you to find the solution that’s right for your agribusiness.  Oak Laurel mortgage brokers can  help and your agribusiness with:
  • Buying a new rural or agricultural property;
  • Acquiring additional working capital for your agriculture business;
  • Expanding your agribusiness;
  • Refinancing to get better interest rates or other finance terms; or
  • Restructuring your personal or agribusiness finances.

What are you looking for in an agribusiness loan?

Whatever your agribusiness finance needs, we can compare and contrast the different rural and agribusiness finance options that meet your business' needs.
Oak Laurel mortgage brokers can help you with any kind of rural financing you need, including:
  • Low loan interest rates;
  • Seasonal finance
  • Term loans
  • Core debt finance
  • Working capital loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Flexible options, including payment plans that fit within your cash flow
  • Vehicle, plant and equipment finance
  • Other investments off the farm
  • Financing succession planning

What are the considerations when getting an agricultural loan?

There are a number of considerations when choosing which finance you need such as:
  • How much you want to borrow
  • The loan term you need
  • Your cash flow and the loan repayment frequency to match
  • The purpose of the loan
  • The Interest rate type (e.g. variable or fixed interest)
  • If you need flexibility to increase the amount of the borrowing or if it is for a known set amount
  • The amount of equity that you have
  • Your time frame
  • The type of farming you do
  • Your eligibility for the loan

What is the maximum loan term for an Agribusiness loan?

Typically the maximum loan term for an farm business loan is 15 years.  However, longer loan terms may be available in the certain circumstances. eg where the applicant has strong cash flow and the loan to value ratio is low.

What maximum loan to value ratios are available for Agribusiness finance?

The maximum loan to value ratios available will vary with lender, loan type and the property that is used as security. However, generally the maximum loan to value ratio that is available for agribusiness loans is 70%.

Talk to an Agribusiness loan broker about your loan needs

Some banks have specific agribusiness loan packages, whilst other packages not specifically targeted to agribusiness may be a better option depending on your needs. Our agribusiness loan brokers can assist you to compare the different loan packages including agribusiness loans and other packages so that you get the finance package that suits your needs.
Oak Laurel mortgage brokers can assist you with your finance needs whatever stage you are in your business.
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