Home loans with a small paid default

Have you had a small default put have paid back the default in full?

Some time we get people asking us how do i get a home loan with bad credit?

Having a default listed on your credit file does not mean that you will not be able to get a home loan. If you only have a small default that has been repaid you may have many home loan options available to you. 

A small default is considered as failing to pay, by the due date, a payment of less than or equal to $500.

If you have a small default we may be able to help you borrow up to 90% - 95% of the property value. If the default has been paid  6 months ago or longer.

Some regular banks will also lend to people who have had a small default that has been paid off in full greater than 6 months ago.

Both owner occupier home loans and investment property loans are available if you have a past credit issue.

Whilst many locations are acceptable, some locations will not be. All of Australia's major cities are acceptable locations. Some locations may have additional loan to value ratio limitations.

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