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Oak Laurel has mortgage brokers all over Australia including in Melbourne. This means that with our wide network you can get local knowledge where you are and where you are buying.

If you live in Melbourne and want to talk with a melbourne based mortgage broker then Oak Laurel can help. One of our Melbourne mortgage brokers can come to visit you at a time and location that is convenient for you. Your broker will go through with you, your circumstances and objectives. Using this information your broker will then assess different loans that meet your circumstances and objectives.

This means that they will look at your income and expenses; assets and liabilities and calculate your borrowing power or maximum loan size that you have capacity to repay. Your mortgage broker will also assess which lenders you will be eligible for based on other lender criteria and then which types of loans are available based on your objectives. For example if you want guaranteed know payments over the first 5 years through a fixed interest rate loan then your broker will select 5 year fixed rate loans from lenders that you qualify with your maximum borrowing power for you.

Once you have selected a loan your mortgage broker will collect the documents the lender requires from you and assist you to apply for the loan and arrange for a valuation of the property as required by the lenders. This will also include assisting you to apply for the first home owners grant if you are a first home buyer. You Oak Laurel broker will also liaise with all other relevant stakeholders such as your conveyancer, real estate agent and the bank or lender if required, to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

But the service does not stop after your loan has settled. At Oak Laurel we want to make sure that you always get great service. So we will review your loan periodically, usually every two years to determine if you can get a better deal. Lenders vary their rates and loans over time and the lender that is giving a great deal now may not be the giving a great deal in a couple of years time. By reviewing your loan periodically we will check what is available on the market and compare it you your current loan to see if it is worth switching to get a better deal. This is all part of the service provided at Oak Laurel.

Melbourne has a diverse and vibrant culture with many immigrants from different countries. Recently we have see a demand for chinese mortgage brokers to assist chinese speaking clients that want assistance comparing and obtaining a mortgage. For this reason Oak Laurel has Chinese mortgage brokers. Let us know if you need a chinese speaking mortgage broker and we can have one of our chinese brokers deal with your case.

Furthermore, if you are buying in Melbourne and want a Melbourne local to assist you we can also help! Interstate and foreign property investors buying in Melbourne often want a local based broker to assist them with their mortgage. Oak Laurel can assist you wherever you are in Australia or even overseas (some country exclusions apply).

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