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Getting a construction loan in Australia

Tips for getting a construction loan

To always put yourself in the greatest position to put together a new construction, one of the best things you can do is seek a high quality construction loan. These construction projects can be incredibly expensive, so you will owe it to yourself to do your best to get the funding that you require. Without having to worry about a financial burden, you will be able to put together any kind of dream project that you can imagine. The best thing to do in this regard is reach out to a financial professional who can provide you with a construction loan.

Make Sure That Your Credit Is In The Best Condition

One of the most important criteria when applying for a business loan is your credit. Your credit will need to be in good condition for you to get the fair and balanced rates that you need on a loan. So run a credit check to be sure that you will be able to approach lenders in a way that will be most beneficial to you. You can also touch base with a construction loan broker who can help you prepare your credit to ensure that you get a better business rate on your construction mortgage.

Carve Out A Budget That Will Work For You

One of the worst things you can do when applying for a loan is overshoot your budget. You need to set a hard maximum for the budget and ensure that you never spend over it so you do not put your business in peril. This will also inform you in a way that lets you approach lenders with more information to use. This goes a long way toward helping you put your best foot forward in that regard.

Research The Loan And The Interest Rates That Come With It

Finally, you need to be sure that you are shopping for the absolute best rates. This will allow you to make manageable monthly payments for the construction without having these projects take years to be funded. The less financial burden the better, so that you are able to make a better return on your investment which can lead to more constructions. Shop around amongst different lenders to see who is willing to give you the most affordable rate in that regard. It will go a long way toward improving your bottom line.

Take advantage of these tips in order to learn more about these loans and how they can be useful to you as a whole. When you are able to secure high quality financing, it becomes easy to build a project to the specifications you desire. Getting help from lenders opens up your flexibility exponentially and makes it so that you are in the driver's seat with all projects. If this is what you are looking for, consider these tips and use them to close on the property that you need.

Why Your Development Finance Was Rejected

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I regularly get contacted by desperate developers wanting to fund their project, frantic because they have committed their time, funds and or equity into a project only to find out that getting the funding is not easy.

Some of these developers are new to industry and it is rather expected that they may have trouble or perhaps have not yet learned the right way to approach funding a project. However, some are experienced developers that have been caught in the changing funding environment.

Below are some of the reasons why they run into trouble:

Bank appetite for funding developments has reduced

Banks have traditionally been the major source of property development funding. However, the appetite of the major banks is waning. Banks are tightening their lending criteria and requiring higher amounts of equity (lower loan to value ratios), profit margin and a larger amount of pre-sales, up to 100 per cent of debt cover, especially for inexperienced and new to bank developers. Some areas are now effectively off limits for bank development finance due to concerns of oversupply.

Furthermore, the major banks may impose further conditions/restrictions on developers above and beyond their stated criteria in order to further mitigate their risk. This can mean extra time is taken whilst the bank assesses and re-assesses the risk or all of the different aspects and this can cause delays for the developer who just want to get on with their developments and making money.

The tightening of bank requirements is pushing more developers who are sick of trying to jump through a seemingly never ending series of hoops from the banks to non-bank or ‘private lenders.’ These lenders have a more flexible approach to funding developments and allow developers to have much lower equity contribution (and higher loan to value ratios), many do not require pre-sales and are generally much faster than the banks at approving and releasing funds.

On the flip side, when you are using a non-bank or private lender, you can expect a higher cost to go with the greater flexibility and risk to them. For many developers, the extra cost of using a private lenders is not significant compared to their profit margin and when their equity is freed up…

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The post Why Your Development Finance Was Rejected appeared first on Oak Laurel.

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