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Happy Australia Day 2016 from Oak Laurel

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Happy Australia Day 2016

Happy Australia Day 2016!

Here at Oak Laurel we wish everyone here in Australia, and abroad, a Happy Australia Day 2016!

We hope that all you Australians enjoy the day off (or your extra pay rates for working on a public holiday if you are working). Today is a great day to spend with family and or friends to celebrate being Australian and the wonderful country that we live in!

Here are a few fun facts about Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January each year. Australia day is a day off for most Australians as it is a public holiday.

Do you know what Australia Day really symbolizes?

• The first Australia Day was January 26, 1808 marking twenty years since Captain Arthur Phillip, a Royal Navy officer, the first Governor of New South Wales and founded the British penal colony that later became the city of Sydney, Australia, raised the flag at Sydney Cove.

• In 1818 Lachlan Macquarie was the first Australian Governor to hold the first “official” Australia Day celebrations. It marked thirty years of European settlement in Australia.

• In the early part of the nineteenth century, Australia Day was called “Foundation Day” and was typically marked by sporting events including horse racing and boat races.

• On the 50th anniversary of the Sydney Cove landing, New South Wales was the first colony to declare Australia Day as a public holiday in 1838.

• By 1888 nearly all of the colonies had declared a public holiday to celebrate Australia Day, but it wasn’t until the 1940’s that January 26th was agreed upon by all states as the proper day to celebrate.

So, we hope that you enjoy Australia day and can appreciate what you are getting a day off for.

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The post Happy Australia Day 2016 from Oak Laurel appeared first on Oak Laurel.

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