Thursday, 23 June 2016

Quick Business Loans

Quick Business Loans

Quick business loans can be used by small businesses and self employed people that would like to take advantage of a time sensitive business opportunity. Often the banks and normal non-bank lenders have a long and extensive process of assessing loan applications, including small business loans or other commercial loans. This can mean that if you have a time sensitive business opportunity and need funds quickly that the banks and normal lenders will be too slow in assessing your application that you can miss out. This can be a costly process for business looking to take advantage of a situation quickly.

For example you may be able to purchase plant, equipment or other goods at a heavily discounted price but for a limited window of time and then on-sell at a high mark-up. If you don't buy within the short window the opportunity is missed. In this case you may be able to obtain a quick business loan buy the goods, on-sell them and repay the short term loan and pocket a tidy profit. However, it is important to note that short term loans come at a price. Quick business loans are typically quite a bit more expensive than normal loans as the lender is taking the risk of a fast application turn around time.

Another example of when a fast business loan may come in handy is if you are getting a normal bank loan but the bank is taking its time to assess and approve the application but you are counting on using the funds immediately (for example you have already signed a contract and the bank will not meet the payment due date). In this case you may use the quick business finance from the short term lender to fill the gap between the payment due date and when the bank provides the funds.

The crucial part of a fast business loan is having an exit strategy. An exit strategy means a way to repay the fast business loan. These can be selling whatever the funds are being used to purchase, or refinancing to another longer term lender or obtaining funds from else where.

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