Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Development finance

Development finance

Property development and property investment demands special financial knowledge. Oak Laurel have an expert team ready to provide it.
Oak Laurel Finance brokers have specialists who can offer you a combination of property development finance expertise.
We partner with property developers and investors with a proven track record in the residential, commercial and industrial property development sectors. We can deliver a wide range of financial support options, typically including complete financing packages.
The potential of a property project becomes clear while it’s still at the planning stage. In this way we partner with experienced property developers to fund residential, commercial and industrial property developments.

Not all projects are large scale and the type of development finance required will depend on not just the size and complexity but other factors. 

How large is your development project?
This should be established before finance is sought. To evaluate the type of finance you need, it can help to classify your project into one of the following:

Light refurbishment

This is the smallest and least complicated type of development project and is usually considered as a cosmetic renovation. This types of project has no or very little structural work and changes are cosmetic. 

Heavy refurbishment

More complex than the light refurbishment a heavy refurbishment will mean structural changes, to the existing property possibly an extension. Aesthetic changes are also usually included. 

Ground-up development

This is the most complex and involved type of development project. Starting with an empty plot of land or first demolishing the existing building a new building will be constructed.

These different will not only need different amounts of finance by the types and costs also differ. 

Are you interest to start a development project? Ask us about sourcing development finance.