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Chinese property investors predicted to invest billions more in Australian real estate 2015

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Chinese buyers are forecast to invest $ billions in Australian property 2015

A report by global investment bank Credit Suisse predicts that Chinese nationals will continue to invest in Australian real estate. It is estimated that Chinese investment in Australia property will be approx AUD$44 billion over the next seven (7) years.
When forecasting expected Chinese residential property investment, the analysis combined information from the Foreign Investment Review Board, Department of Immigration and Bureau of Statistics . The bank’s conservative estimate is that Chinese will invest $5 billion per annum into the future.
The Credit Suisse analysis estimated that newly arrived Australian immigrants and foreign Chinese investors have already spent about $24 billion on Australian property over the past seven years. Foreigners (including Foreign Chinese) are required to purchase new properties, taking this into account the report estimates that about 12% of all new properties in Australia are purchased by foreign Chinese buyers.

Where are Chinese property investors buying property?

The  report suggests that the majority of Chinese property buying is occurring in Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. Within Sydney and Melbourne certain suburbs are Chinese buyer hotspots such as in and around Glen Waverley in Melbourne. It is estimated that 18 per cent of all new properties in Sydney and 14 per cent in Melbourne are being purchased by foreign Chinese nationals. The amount of new property bought by foreign Chinese in other Australian cities was estimated at a much lower level (7%).

Is Chinese investors buying in Australia good for other Australian property investors and homeowners

The continued demand from Chinese property investors for Australian property is good news for homeowners, property investors and property developers as demand for Australian property, particularly new property is set to remain strong and result in sustained capital gains. However, on the contrary, this may be bad news for those yet to enter the Australian property market as prices are likely to rise quicker than many can save for a deposit.
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The post Chinese property investors predicted to invest billions more in Australian real estate 2015 appeared first on Oak Laurel.

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